Competence in real estate is a question of partnership.

We consider each piece of property in the overall context of all its economic relations. We then develop and implement a business plan tailored to maximise its particular economic advantages that is informed by the superb skills and abilities of our Team in business management, accountancy and technical affairs. In this way we can achieve sustainably enhanced performance for the real estate confided to our care – in the interests of the property owner and in the interests of the tenant.

Property Management

Central to our Property Management activities is the co-ordination of all necessary service-providers and maintenance firms. We deploy the full palette of opportunities offered by modern Facility Management – from administration and billing through to personal on-the-spot inspections.

  • Commercial Management
  • Technical Services Management
  • Infrastructure Management


Sustainability is the cornerstone on which our approach to leasing is built. Satisfied tenants aren’t just the best visiting card, they also serve to ensure the long-term economic efficiency of property.

  • Selection of suitable regional partners for leasing activities
  • Development of precise profiles for requirements and target groups
  • Development and products of profession leasing-support documentation
  • Generating contacts through innovative market and marketing strategies
  • Professional in-depth advisory services and support for all interested parties

Center Management

The custom tailored solutions we evolve for Center Managment are informed by our deep expertise and broad breadth of experience, and are continuously monitored and updated.

  • On-going analysis of market, Center and customers
  • Monitoring of flow of customers and time of stay
  • Establishment and management of an Advertising Community
  • Opening and pre-opening events
  • Regular activities at the Point of Interest
  • Public Relations
  • Budget planning and auditing
  • Ensuring an optimal mixture of market sectors and tenants.